Thematic show for Easter made for Daycares, with children’s magician Thomas Cadabra. His professional theatre for young audiences is magical.

Thomas Cabadra uses whimsical animals that look real: Punk the skunk,

a little yellow chickadee and Carrot Top the rabbit. Children are enthralled because they are convinced the animals are alive.


The charm of these whimsical animals is so powerful that even very young children from 18 months to 3 years of age pay attention.


The majority of the magic tricks are original creations that children have

never seen in their lives.


At the end of the show, the children line up to pet the rabbit and give the magician a hug; a gesture of appreciation that leaves an everlasting impression with early childhood caregivers.

Thomas Cadabra has a knack with kids.


Young audiences love his humor, his clear language and his contagious energy.


The children are never passive during the show. On the contrary, they are constantly invited to express themselves.


The storyline and actions astound the children who get carried away into an extraordinary finale.


There is no chaos in the audience. Thomas Cadabra is always in control of the situation thanks to his experience and tricks of the trade.

The bold pinks and purples matched to the props, decor and costumes make for an original and refreshing atmosphere.


A well-thought out set up enlightened with pastel colors turns the place into an impressive stage.


A professional portable sound system plays music that emphasizes the story line and the magic


The quality of the story line, stage direction and acting is the result of collaboration between stage professionals


The ingredients of the show are gathered to keep the children’s attention from beginning to end: a story full of surprises, effective humor, short magic tricks and active audience participation.


This show is suitable for any time of year, but the pinks and purples of the props, as well as the use of a chickadee, chocolates and eggs, make it an ideal choice for Easter time.


Because Daycare centers repeatedly book him, Thomas Cadabra has created three totally different shows.


Making young ones realize that effort, patience

and collaboration are the key to success.


André Bouchard and Delphine Moray (2009)
Actor: A performer-magician: André Bouchard
Interaction : Collaboration of volunteers on stage
Style: Musical and interactive magic show
Length: 40 to 60 minutes


Story line: Thomas Cadabra has only one thing in mind: he wants to produce a rabbit from thin air to get the magician’s gold medal award promised by his magic teacher, professor Pixiedust. This trick is the most difficult in the world. Thomas will have to work hard and be very patient


Thomas insists on the value of teamwork, so many volunteers assist him to help him produce a rabbit. The magic ingredients are hard to find: the right words, the perfect hat and the ideal magic wand! The young audience needs to chant a magical and comical formula about spring and the sun, but a lovely chickadee, flowers, candies, scarves and eggs are the only things to appear at the hands of his assistants. Thomas himself turns into a giant rabbit with long teeth, a big snout and ears that grow and grow!


After many a heroic effort, Carrot Top the rabbit finally appears from the magician’s hat. Thomas is proud to have succeeded at the most famous magic trick in the world. He wears his award proudly: the magician’s gold medal! Professor Pixiedust was right to believe in his student and Thomas did not get discouraged, because patience, effort and collaboration are the key to success.

  • Thomas turns into a giant rabbit. Huge teeth grow in his mouth.
    A muzzle replaces his nose. Giant ears grow through his hat.
  • The children’s love of sweets is put to the test when Thomas produces a large amount of delicious chocolates.
  • A sweet yellow chickadee appears like magic.
  • Punk the skunk causes laughter and joy when he appears unexpectedly throughout the show.
  • As mini assistants, the children produce a multitude of lovely flowers
  • Carrot Top the rabbit does a comical magic trick when his own carrots appear from thin air.



  • The show begins and ends on time to meet the expected schedule.
  • The location is left impeccably clean and without litter.
  • Two weeks prior to the show, you will receive a magnificent color poster that you can use to advertise the day and time of the show.
  • 15 minutes before the show, Thomas Cadabra prepares and entertains the children in the crowd (especially the 18 month to 3 years of age) in order to make them perfectly receptive to the show to come.
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Photographs: Roland Lorente    text: Patrice Meunier

Graphic art: André Bouchard

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