Spectacle de magie de Noël pour les enfants de 2 à 6 ans


Help children realize that the real magic in life is to take

action and stay positive.


André Bouchard and Delphine Moray (2010)
Actor: A performer-magician: André Bouchard
Interaction : Collaboration of volunteers on stage
Style: A musical and interactive magic show
Length: 40 to 60 minutes

Story line: Santa Claus has too much work and needs help to get the children’s letters on their way. Wearing his Christmas mailman’s costume, Thomas Cadabra the Magician takes on the challenge. In spite of the many obstacles before him, Thomas perseveres and stays optimistic. Using a magic phone, Thomas manages to contact Santa Claus himself in order to fulfill special requests.


Some of the children become volunteers on stage, helping Thomas succeed with his magic tricks. Thomas’ work shift ends when clocks appear from thin air. Santa Claus expresses his gratitude for all the help. At the end of the show, the children hand in their letters to Thomas who will send them himself to the North Pole.

Un apperçu du spectacle de Noël

  • A long white feather turns into a lovely red and white candy cane.
  • Ten glasses of milk appear from thin air thanks to the help of half a dozen children.
  • A giant chocolate cookie appears from behind one of the educator’s head.
  • Thomas draws Santa Claus’ face and the drawing begins to speak. Thomas has a conversation with Santa Claus while the children marvel at the movement of the eyes and mouth from this live drawing.
  • A magic wand disappears from the hands of a volunteer.
  • Thomas Cadabra produces a dress, a necklace and a giant ring from thin air for Mrs. Claus.
  • A 5- meter Christmas garland appears from a small empty bag.
  • The magician’s wand suddenly melts every time a volunteer takes it, provoking tons of laughter from the children.
  • Giant candy canes appear.
  • All the accessories to decorate a Christmas tree appear from thin air thanks to Thomas Cadabra: Garlands, Christmas balls, lights and stars.

Le spectacle de Thomas Cadabra est créé spécialement pour un jeune public

  • The show is specifically designed to attract and keep the attention of children of all ages (starting at 18 months).
  • The quality of the script, the humor and the nature of the magic tricks are carefully selected with the children in mind.
  • The majority of the magic tricks are original creations that the children have never seen before.
  • The children have fun with Thomas Cadabra and remain attentive from beginning to end.
  • The show is full of captivating stories that stimulate and inspire the children.

Thomas Cadabra s’occupe absolument de tout de A à Z

  • Two weeks prior to the show, you will receive a magnificent color poster that you can use to advertise the day and time of the show.
  • The show begins and ends on time to meet the expected schedule.
  • 15 minutes before the show, Thomas Cadabra prepares and entertains the children in the crowd (especially the 18 month to 3 years of age) in order to make them perfectly receptive to the show to come.
  • A professional portable sound system (hidden in the magician’s table) plays music that emphasizes the story line and the magic.
  • The backdrop, the costume and the props reflect the Christmas theme.
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Photographs: Roland Lorente    text: Patrice Meunier

Graphic art: André Bouchard

Copyright © 2013 - Thomas Cadabra