Courriel du magicien Thomas Cadabra
Biographie de Thomas Cadabra

Thomas Cadabra’s character is created by magician and actor André Bouchard.


André has taken special clown workshops under the direction of reknown pedagogue Francine Côté (an international clown who has worked for The Cirque du Soleil). He has studied and created shows with Delphine Moray (a children’s theatre specialist) and has taken workshop with American director Bob Fitch.


André was awarded two first stage prizes at the Magie Montréal Canadian Congress.  He made a name for himself during the finale of the International Brotherhood of Magicians competition and the Society of American Magicians.


André contributed to the success of two productions for Magiciens sans frontières, an International Organisation. He was also a guest on many television shows on French CBC, TVA, Télévision Quatre-Saisons and Télé-Québec with Normand Brathwaite.


André has studied Biotechnology at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He is certified in Computer Science. His numerous passions include: sound engineering, marketing, graphic art and psychology.


His passion for magic and his tremendous knowledge of drama guarantees a unique expertise in Quebec. For the character of Thomas Cadabra, André Bouchard has designed and produced four 60-minute shows designed for young audiences.

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Photographs: Roland Lorente    text: Patrice Meunier

Graphic art: André Bouchard

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